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There are lots of different ways of undertaking a self build project, and everyone's personal situation is unique, their financial capabilities can vary enormously and no two building plots or self built homes are exactly the same. So this illustration is only a guide.



A word of caution about land values

Plot values vary enormously and depend on many factors. The figures that follow are indicative only, and you should accept that you could pay a lot more, or perhaps a lot less for the eventual plot you decide to buy.



Your Plot

If you have already purchased a plot, or if you already know the value of the plot you intend to purchase, please enter the value below. If you are unsure on land costs then have a look at our Plot Finder to get a better idea of plot prices in your desired area



House Size & Standard

The next key issue to address is the size of the house you want to build. You need to think hard about this and take into account your current and future need for space. One of the most important things to avoid is building more than you need - as, apart from it costing more to construct in the first place, you'll also end up paying more to heat it and possibly more in Council Tax too.

There are six indicative homes illustrated on the right. Click on the one that most closely resembles your likely space needs.

Please enter the total budget you have to cover the cost of the land you hope to buy and the construction cost of the home.


Your Budget



House Type

Standard of Fitting

Estimated Land Cost

£ based on acres

Estimated Build Cost

Between £ and £

You have set an unrealistic budget for building your home and buying your plot. The minimum budget you need to set for this project is £

Total Costs

If you get the main contractor to do it

Cost £

Remaining Budget £

The Contractor builds a watertight shell & you finish

Cost £

Remaining Budget £

You do 60% of the work yourself

Cost £

Remaining Budget £

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