Launch of Scotland's Self and Custom Build Portal

This September marks the launch of Scotland's Self and Custom Build Portal. The portal has been created to provide advice, guidance and support to those interested in building their own home in Scotland.

But how and why was this portal created?

It began with the Scottish Government creating the Self and Custom Build Housing Pilot Challenge Fund. The Challenge Fund was created to test new models for increasing self and custom builds in Scotland. The Challenge Fund was open to all and looking for those who could provide an innovative approach to encouraging and supporting self and custom builds across Scotland.

There has been a significant decline in high street lenders providing self-build mortgages and as a result has made it difficult to for people to finance self-build projects and decreased the amount of work available for the construction and architectural industries. The Scottish Government have recognised these issues and are putting new initiatives in place to try to reinvigorate the self-build sector, including the Challenge Fund.

The Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT) decided to submit an application for the Challenge Fund with their idea of a new self and custom build portal for Scotland. The portal would be an innovative hub for people to get advice, guidance, funding options and help buying and finding plots. HSCHT were also able to demonstrate their experience in the self-build industry as they have previously helped aid a number of self-build projects. They have led the way in creating new finance models and mechanisms to make self build an easier route to build a home. HSCHT were successful with their application and thus was the beginning of Scotland’s Self and Custom Build Portal.

Who is the portal targeted at?

The portal has been set up to help anyone who is considering undertaking their own self or custom build project. The portal provides information on the different self-build routes and finance options available. The interactive ‘Getting Started’ function allows people to assess their house plans and finances and give an estimated cost of how much their project may cost.

The portal can also help landowners who are looking to sell their plots by utilising our ‘Plot Finder’ feature. The Plot Finder lets people view different plots that are available in Scotland. If you are a landowner and would like more information on how you can advertise your plot on the Plot Finder