What is Self Build?

The term self-build has been kicking around for a while and has obtained various meanings. The Self and Custom Build portal defines a ‘self-builder’ as:

  • Someone who employs a builder to build their home from beginning to end
  • Someone who has some DIY skills and can use them to decorate their new home
  • Someone who has skills in an industrial trade such as joinery, electrical that can do some of the build themselves
  • Someone who has all the skills required to complete the build themselves.

By using the self-build method, you are able to design and build your own home in a cost-effective manner but how does self-build actually work?

Someone who wants to self-build their own home can have either a ‘hands on’ approach or a more laidback and directive approach. It is a good idea to decide which approach you are going to undertake early on to save time and implications on cost. Either way though, you will still have to undertake some of the tasks involved in building your home such as finding a plot and applying for planning permission. Read our full article on 'Finding and Securing Suitable Land'.

The self-build route can be time-consuming depending on how involved the self-builder is but it can also be a cost-effective and affordable housing option.

How to Get Started in your Self-Build

Once you have found a suitable plot you will need to acquire planning permission then decide what approach you are going to take on your self-build. If qualified you may be designing the plans yourself, your builder may have plans to choose from or you may need to commission an architect to design your plans for you. Once you have decided you will then need to find the contractors that are right for you and who you think will be able to help you build your home in a straightforward matter. It is important to put the time and research into choosing your contractors, as you want someone who you are going to be able work well with and deliver what you expect.

How to Fund your Self-Build

Have a look at our Funding Options to view the different funding options available for self-build projects.

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